Landscape Architect

Pamela Burton & Company is a Santa Monica-based landscape architecture firm that specializes in integrating art, architecture, and landscape, offering comprehensive landscape design for civic, institutional, commercial, and residential clients. Pamela Burton & Company’s portfolio includes work in Brazil, China, Japan, Taiwan, Bahamas, Korea, Mexico and Australia. Pamela Burton & Company combines a passion for plant materials and the history of landscape architecture. Each design is informed by the site’s geography, ecology, and cultural history; balancing aesthetic sensitivity with an interest in the symbolic nature of the built environment and a commitment to sustainable landscape design. Sustainability is essential to Pamela Burton & Company’s design, frequently incorporating storm water management, heat island reduction, and water efficient landscaping. Every project features innovative design solutions to the complex issues of building landscapes in the city. Pamela Burton & Company’s work has been honored with awards from The American Society of Landscape Architects and featured in numerous publications, including a monograph entitled Pamela Burton Landscapes.

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