Interior Architect

Based out of Toronto Canada, II BY IV DESIGN has been in operation since 1990 and includes 32 very talented and passionate people. In 2011 the firm opened their first international studio located in New York City. Internationally, II BY IV DESIGN has been honored with more than 250 awards for interior design, lighting design, and the design of furniture and furnishings, in hotel, restaurant, retail, condominium, nightclub, exhibits, showroom, and office projects. The firm has been declared one of the world’s Top 50 Retail Designers and has been named Designers of the Year five times in North America. Their work has been featured in several TV productions and in countless publications in around the world. The firm’s work demonstrates an expert interpretation of current and emerging consumer lifestyles, attitudes, and expectations, applied to the design of hospitality, residential, retail, commercial and special-purpose interiors.

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